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Better Beginning has been here for me through my addiction, with one on one counseling with Linda, this has been very satisfying.  It taught me how to grow, express my feelings, conquer my fears, and move ahead with my life in a positive manner.  Better Beginnings has helped dress my daughter, my granddaughter and myself, and Mr Larry’s quotes of the day, have been very fulfilling.  Some days, they hit the nail on the head, and sometimes the humour makes my day. 

Katalina Jodoin.



Shabnam’s testimony


Hi my friends, I am very happy from this program because they helped me a lot. When I need help, they kindly help me.  I am very very happy from them.  I say thanks from them, and several times from Brenda, she helped me a lot.  Thank you from Mohamed too.  Thank you so much for this community. Arabic - pdf file

My name is Shabnam.


J'écris ce message pour vous remercier de votre aide, de votre soutien morale, éducatif, matériel...etc durant ces deux années. 
Cela n'a pas été facile pour moi, avec un premier enfant et sans famille. Heureusement, grâce à vous, Linda et Suzane, je m`en suis finalement s'en sortie et je vois mon enfant grandir chaque jour cela me fait du bien.  Passe mes remerciements a Linda et Suzane.
Portez-vous bien et à bientôt, 
 Mina et Fatimetou 
 Gros merci encore


Better Beginnings Better Futures is the best resource centre to get help and services.  They helped me from the time my daughter was 3 months.  As a single mother, I had no knowledge of parenting a baby at the time. They helped me about all kinds of issues in my life:  emotional, health, financial help (food, backpacks, toys, clothing, bread) etc. I received help to overcome my difficulties and learned to stand up for myself. If it wasn’t for BBBF, I wouldn’t be where I am now, with my daughter now 10 years old.

Gulghotai Noori


Better Beginning has been there for me ever since I had my first daughter 11 years ago. My daughter went to playgroups at BBBBF; I got my first 'knowledge' about solid food for my baby from BBBF.... When my daughter started crying fiercely at the sight of strange ladies at the age of two, BBBF send a female staff (Mila) over my place, trying to help my daughter comfortable with the presence of a female stranger. Years after, even though I moved out of the area that BBBF provides services, I could still seek for advices from Ms Linda Martin regarding issues I found with my daughter. Linda took time to write to me, explain to me the cases, as well what to do or to avoid. Linda has helped me to step away from being an over-protective mother and to find the way to help my daughter build up her self-esteem. I have changed myself since then. I could look at our issues under different views and in a calm way. I was able to find a way to help my daughter to look at her own issues.... I'd like to take this as an opportunity to thank Linda for always being there, willing to provide her expertise advices.  Just her being there when I was a desperate mother was truly a blessing to me.   ***

Best Regards,



Better Beginnings Better Futures is an organization that stands for what it means.  It is a place where families matter.  They are willing to listen and understand your needs no matter what they are.  They are committed to all the families to help and to have a voice that they need to talk about the issues.  They are…family visitors, counsellors, friends…they are humanitarians, no matter their race, religion. They make sure you and your children matter.  They give you a positive outlook on life and yourself.  They are always concerned of how your life and health are.  It is a place that you don’t feel alone, a place you can never forget because it is a place that made a change and growth in your life.

September 2015.